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Urban environment

Project team Schoondijke | Evaluation PV-curves small wind turbines at Schoondijke
The project team of the open air test facility Schoondijke asked Ingreenious to extract the PV-curves of the small wind turbines from the measurements at the open air test facility Schoondijke and to comment on the results.


Aerocity Wind Power (USA) | Design for mounting a small wind turbine
Aerocity plans to launch a vertical axis wind turbine but does not have the knowlegde to design the wind turbine. They asked Ingreenious to design the rotor and overall specs of the turbine and manage the design proces of the wind turbine.

Ford / Houthoff Buruma | Rust on Ford cars
Houthoff Buruma asked Ingreenious to provide expertise in a legal case concerning Ford cars. Specifically, the transport of iron particles by wind had to be analysed.

Horticulture Product Group | Greenhouse-integrated wind energy
Feasibility study on the integration of small wind turbines with greenhouses conducted in cooperation with the horticulture product group and a greenhouse manufacturer. This study was the succesor of the first study on the feasibility of greenhouse-integrated wind energy in 2009.

Scheldebouw-Permasteelisa | Research possibilities wind energy
Scheldebouw-Permasteelisa asked Ingreenious to install a propriotary metmast to measure the wind speed and wind direction at a test site of building-integrated wind turbines.

Province of Utrecht | Amendment to legislation
The requirements of the legislation on siting small wind turbines at roofs in the Netherlands are elaborate. As such they are a big hurdle for siting small wind turbines in the Netherlands. Because of that, the provice of Utrecht asked Ingreenious to conduct an amendment to the legislation.

Eneco | Wind energy feasibility study
Feasibility study into the integration of small wind turbines on the roof of the new Eneco headquarters building in Rotterdam.

Egeria Investment| Research into wind turbine potential
Egeria Investment asked Ingreenious to study the unusual claims of a particular small wind turbine in order to justify an investment in that particular wind turbine.

Toronto Community Housing Corporation (Canada)| Study into wind applications
Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC), a large housing corporation in Canada, considers building-integrated wind turbines for their portfolio. They therfore asked Ingreenious to study the potential of building-integrated wind turbines and comment on possible wind turbine candidates.

City of Amersfoort | Building-integrated wind energy
The city of Amersfoort asked Ingreenious to study the potential for building-integrated wind energy in the municipality. In addition to other duties, Ingreenious conducted a wind measurement campaign, including analysis of the measurement data.

International Business Group | Research into the potential of wind energy
The International Business Group asked Ingreenious to study the potential of building-integrated wind energy for the businesses in the group.

Province of Zeeland | Evaluation report on small wind turbines in Schoondijke
De project team of the open air test facility Schoondijke asked Ingreenious to evaluate and interpret the measurement results of the 11 small wind turbines tested at the open air test facility Schoondijke.

WEOM | Wind measurement campaign
The daughter company of NUON/Vattenfall, WEOM, asked Ingreenious to conduct a wind measurement campaign for a wind park of thirty-six 3MW turbines (rotor diameter: 90 metres).

City of Malmö (Sweden) | Workshop on wind energy in the built environment
The city of Malmö asked Ingreenious to hold a workshop for interested parties on the application potential of small wind turbines.

B&D Contractors, Hertroijs Architects | Study into Westerhoven energy plan indicators
B&D Contractors asked Ingreenious to calculate the indicators for an energy plan for Westerhoven. The energy plan includes a study on the potential of wind energy, asphalt collectors for generating heat, heat storage, energy storage and solar panels.

Search | Calculation of power generating capacity of small wind turbines in Overhoeks
Search asked Ingreenious to map the wind capacity in the Overhoeks area of Amsterdam (project developer: ING Real Estate) and to consult on the price-performance ratio of small wind turbines at this location.

SenterNovem | Suitability assessment of open-air test facility in Schoondijke for certifying small wind turbines
SenterNovem asked Ingreenious to map the wind capacity in Schoondijke to assess the suitability of the Schoondijke open-air test facility for conducting measurements in accordance with the national assessment guidelines.

Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects (USA) | Presentation at the Greenbuild conference
The American firm of Zimmer Gunsul Frasca (ZGF) Architects LLP asked Ingreenious to give a presentation at the Greenbuild conference 2008 in Boston on the integration of wind turbines with buildings. The presentation dealt with the essential difference when integrating wind turbines on high-rise compared to low-rise buildings, and a number of theoretical considerations on aerodynamic integration.

Climate forum Malmö (Sweden) | Workshop on small wind turbines
Ingreenious was asked to hold a workshop on the considerations involved in finding suitable locations for small wind turbines. About 90 individuals attended the workshop who were interested in installing small wind turbines in Malmö and environs.

Ford/ CdMR | Paint damage at Vlissingen
Following on the assignment of March 2008 where Ingreenious was asked to look into the most likely source of paint atomization, the company was now asked to calculate the amount of paint sprayed per unit of time.

SenterNovem | Certification of small wind turbines in the Netherlands
SenterNovem contracted with Ingreenious to develop an action plan for certifying small wind turbines in the Netherlands so that the measurements could be subjected to mutual comparisons.

Greenlab | Certification measurements of small wind turbines
A joint venture of Eneco and Greenchoice, Greenlab asked Ingreenious to develop an action plan for conducting certification measurements in accordance with the certification guidelines for small wind turbines as established by Ingreenious. It is Greenlab’s intention to use the findings to enhance overall expertise on the performance of small wind turbines.

Turby | Design of a successor for Turby
Ingreenious redesigned a number of components of the rotor of the Turby vertical axis wind turbine. The redesign concerned the forces on the rotor blades, the airfoil choice, the shape of the blade tip and the location in the mould where the blade halves join.

Kiva/OVG Real Estate Development | Feasibility study into integrating wind turbines with buildings, April 2008
Ingreenious assisted Kiva in a study on behalf of OVG on the feasibility of integrating wind turbines with buildings. The study concerned ways of effecting this integration and the impact of the integration on the energy yield, as well as payback time of the wind turbine.

Turby/KEO International Consultants | Design for the integration of wind turbines in the SAIF Center, Kuwait City
Ingreenious was asked by Turby to look into the design aspects of integrating Turby wind turbines at the SAIF Center in Kuwait City. These design aspects concern the integration of Turby wind turbines between two airfoil-like shapes on the roof, noise emission, and static and dynamic forces.

Ford / CdMR | Paint damage at Vlissingen, March 2008
Twelve thousand Ford cars that were to be shipped to the UK were contaminated with atomized paint while sitting on a car park of CdMR. As part of a litigation process, Ford and CdMR asked Ingreenious to determine the most likely source of the paint atomization.