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Windchallenge Holland B.V.

Windchallenge 1.7

There are currently few suitable and affordable wind turbine options for the built environment. This is why we have designed (through our sister company Windchallenge Holland B.V.) a small wind turbine for the built environment: the Windchallenge 1.7. The Windchallenge 1.7 is an innovative, integrated wind turbine featuring small dimensions and the flair of Dutch design. This whisper-quiet, lightweight turbine can be easily mounted on rooftops or on masts in the built environment. The Windchallenge 1.7 can help you meet part of your energy needs. You can increase your self-sufficiency by mounting one or more wind turbines. You will also contribute to making the world a more sustainable place by harnessing an inexhaustible energy source: the wind. Please contact Windchallenge for more information.

The Windchallenge 1.7 wind turbine features the following: